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Extremar Ltda.

General information
Common name: Extremar Ltda.
Legal name: Servicios y Transportes Marítimos Extremar Ltda.
Activity: Servicio y Transporte Marítimo, Comercialización Insumos Pesqueros
Address: Pedro Montt 113, Quellón, Reg. X
Phone: (56-65) 268-2050

Position Name
General Manager Jose Almonacid C.
Commercial Manager Matías Bagnara C.
Operations Manager Emilio Asenjo G.

Products, equipment and services
Accessories for diving
Commercial diving
Diesel fueled polyethylene boat
Farming nets replacement service
Importation threads and ropes
Installation of nets and meshes
Life jacket
Life rafts
Lights for life jackets
Morality extraction service
Nylon Yarn
Vessels rental
Dirección: Antonio Bellet 444 piso 6 Providencia, Santiago de Chile | Tel. (56-2) 27574200
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